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Maximising the revenue potential of your Adventurous Activity Centre

Delivering a wide range of activities and courses is at the core of your successful Adventurous Activity Centre. Ensuring that everything from instructors to accommodation, facilities and rooms are booked and managed with ease is vital to controlling costs and to delivering the experiences your customers expect.

In the Pursuit of Success

At ESP, we understand the challenges organisations like yours face in balancing customer expectations with the constraints of available resources and effective operations from enquiries and activity bookings to skills and qualification training courses. We understand how your customers value tradition and quality experiences, but are also balancing other pressures on their time and resources.
The Elite Activity Centre Management Solution is designed to smoothly combine all aspects of your customer service delivery, with the levels of choice and flexibility your customers demand, whilst maintaining the high quality operations management your organisation represents. Management your customers bookings is achieved with new levels of access, security and automation. We enable you to deliver a more streamlined experience for your customers in all aspects of your centre, whilst empowering you to develop your business as needs evolve every year!

Solutions for Sailing & Yachting Clubs

Customer Relationship Management

Your customer database is one of the most important parts of your business arsenal. Elite retains detailed information that is instantly accessible to staff and manages client profiles, historical transactional and marketing information. User-defined segmentation provides an informative cross section of you customers to be able to target those with specific interests and keep in touch to promote repeat visits.

Accounts & Finance

Keeping you in control of finances. Elite pushes a daily journal to your accounting software; activity and course related charges are raised in the customer’s sales ledger running within Elite – payments are taken and posted against invoices raised enabling statement of account to control your outstanding debtors.

Reception and Front of House

Delivering personal service, your reception desk is the front of house role that has most contact with customers on a day-to-day basis. They need instant access to customer data to be able to deal with all queries promptly and accurately. Elite enables reception staff to quickly identify customers details in order to amend information, make bookings or execute any other transactions.

Bar & Catering

The bar and restaurant are a significant part of your centre’s operations and must be equipped with necessary customer service tools. The Elite system is designed to process all forms of payment from scheme debit and credit cards to member levy cards and vouchers. Bar and restaurant terminals connected to Elite can also cater for members / non-members transactions as well as managing social events for example.


If your centre provides accommodation, Elite manages your guests’ entire stay from reservation through check-in and check-out. Fully itemised bills including charges to room are produced at the check-out, with full credit control visibility to manage outstanding accounts.

Skills or Qualification Courses

Elite’s Course Management Module enables both skills and qualification based courses to be scheduled which manages the entire workflow from customer profile creation to accommodation reservation and other specific nuances such as dietary requirements.

Elite also manages the billing process enabling deposits and invoices to be managed to ensure that you get paid for every participants, and by using our online portal, Elite Live enables your business to enrol participants 24 hours a day.

Group Bookings

Whether your groups bookings are schools or corporate organisations, clubs and charities or stag and hen parties, Elite seamlessly manages the process enabling detailed itineraries to be created for each booking, along with detailed event / function sheets so that your staff know just how the event should be run.
Elite manages the booking deposit, accurately tracking the outstanding balance for easy and efficient billing your customers can understand.

Meetings And Events

Elite enables you to manage your meeting and function rooms so that you can quickly and efficiently manage your customers booking requirements. Elite enables a single booking to be made for multiple rooms, providing a single invoice at the end of your customers visit.

Reporting & BI

Reporting is vital to understanding any business, it drives key management decisions based on real-time data or on a more strategic long term level based on trends and forecasting.

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