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“Experience the most advanced Leisure Management Software Solution, powered by the world’s leading cloud server platform.”

Option 1 – Shared Cloud Hosted

Rock Solid Redundancy

Powered by the most reliable and most used cloud compute platform the world over. Your ESP Elite system running in parallel on the same shared virtual server resource as other clubs (AWS London). (1)

Always On, Accessible From Anywhere

Effortlessly and securely access your ESP Elite system from anywhere around the globe through a licensed and private key authenticated Elite Client operating over an industry-standard 2048-bit encrypted SSL/TLS tunnel to ensure the utmost security for your connection. (1)(5)

Cost Effective

Server hardware and software are regularly updated with the latest technologies, ensuring you always have access to cutting-edge features at no additional cost. These updates happen automatically, eliminating the need for site visits. Additionally, by not having to power an on-site server round the clock, you save money on energy costs throughout the year. (4)

Security & Data Protection

Encrypted server hard disks, 24/7 data centre security staff utilising state-of-the-art surveillance, electronic intrusion & detection systems with physical access strictly controlled by multi-factor authentication mechanisms and security breach alarms. HVAC temperature control environments, backup power generators, water presence detection and removal systems. Media sanitation techniques as per standard NIST 800-88. (7) Full server daily encrypted snapshotted backups included as standard (7 day retention policy). (5)(6)

Solid-State Drives (SSD)

Storage technology running on specially designed chipsets permitting direct read/ write speeds in your ESP Elite system that are reliable, have 99.99% availability and superior low-latency performance.

Lightning Speeds

Experience lightning-fast upload and download speeds of over 1Gbps when to and from your Elite system. (2)

Your Data Means Your Data

As the owner of your Elite system configuration and associated data, you retain complete ownership and control, maintaining the role of the data controller.

Carbon Neutral

Datacenters dedicated to achieving 80% renewable energy efficiency by 2024, with a further commitment to reaching 100% renewable energy usage by 2030.


The flexibility to transition from a shared server environment to your own dedicated cloud server, providing you with more options and control over your hosting environment.(3)

Option 2 – Dedicated Cloud Hosted

With all the benefits of a shared cloud hosted ESP Elite system, but with the added bonuses of:

Complete Data Segregation/ Isolation

Your ESP Elite system and customer data reside on a virtual server resource exclusively dedicated to your organization. No other organisation will utilise, access, or store data on the same server, ensuring the utmost privacy.

Upscale/ Migration

The convenience of easily scaling up your environment (vertical scaling) whenever you need additional server resources. Furthermore, if you ever require your entire ESP Elite system to be migrated to another region worldwide, the process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Geographic Options

For compliance with geographic data regulations and to enhance network latency, your ESP Elite system can be hosted in a different region or availability zone, providing you with increased availability and improved performance.

Greater Integrations

Have the flexibility to add extra functionality, including features such as automated system emailing, AFD postcode and Bankfinder integration, as well as other third-party integrations that may require system segregation. These options allow you to customize your system and seamlessly incorporate additional capabilities.

Full Resource

Your organisation enjoys an entire virtual server environment exclusively dedicated to you, encompassing abundant CPU power, ample network bandwidth, secure encrypted disk storage, and snapshot backups.

Add an even greater level of protection

uVault Backup

To go alongside our dedicated hosted solution full disk snapshot backups, we offer an extra layer of redundancy in the form of our uVault file-level backup solution. Utilising a completely different set of segregated and dedicated world class tier 4 datacentres (Microsoft Azure) offering the same level of redundancy, security and data protection, your data is tested for integrity, encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption and is transferred (128-bit SSL encryption data transmission) and stored to encrypted disks located in a completely different region. As such you can rest easy knowing that in the most worst-case scenario your data will be safe.(6) Further information:

Contact Your Account Manager To Find Out More About Cloud Hosted

(1) Version 7 Elite system requirement. No version 5 support. Select third party integrations or functionality (i.e.: serial access control hardware, serial range) may prevent your Elite system from being able to be hosted in the cloud. (2)  The speed in which you utilise your cloud-based system is all dependent on the bottle-neck of your network and internet service provider [isp]. For example, if your your ISP and/ or network speed limits your terminal to 10Mbit, then your terminal will only achieve a 10Mbit connection to your Elite system. (3) Additional costs incurred. A whole virtual server environment dedicated to just your organisation. This includes all cpu power, network bandwidth, encrypted disk storage and backup. No other organisation apart from yours will utilize the same virtual resource. (4) Typical  server HPLE ML310 Gen10 with 350W power supply capable of using 3,066Kwh of energy a year based upon 100% utilisation. (5) The restoration times of your backup data all depend on the given disaster scenario, the size of the backup data set, internet line speed, availability of the datacenter & backup agent and the urgency of each request. (6) We are unable to guarantee that the backup data or server itself will always be available from items outside our control. (7) Further information regarding datacenter security can be found here: and 

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