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Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities Your Tee Sheet Provides You

As we are moving into shorter days, it’s vital that courses are keeping a watchful eye on the tee sheet for opportunities available.
Here are a few tips to help you manage your tee sheet.

  • Tee Sheet Opening Time: Is it set in line with your courses opening time? Is there an opportunity to open the tee times earlier?
  • Using The Back Nine As A Starting Point: Using the back nine from first light, gives you the opportunity to run special offers for a 9 hole green fee, for the first few hours of the day without impacting general play.
  • Group Bookings: As we know, the numbers attending can drop before the day. It’s important to keep in contact with the organiser on the run up to the day and if numbers drop, reduce the slots accordingly.
  • Member Competitions: It’s always advised to ensure you are checking the competition entry sheets, to ensure the slots booked reflect the entries.
  • Confirming Visitor Bookings: There is nothing worse than looking at what you believe to be a busy tee sheet, but then upon review on the day you find loads of no-show bookings. If you are not charging deposits, it is advised to personally confirm the bookings with the customer 24 / 48 hours before. This is a great way to reaffirm the booking with them.
  • Quieter Days: You will know the certain days and times for your course that have capacity. These are perfect to target Nomad golfers with special offers or use to promote Member guest visits.

How can Elite help?
Online Bookings: By using ESP Leisure’s Elite Live and Online Promotions, you can target key days and times you wish to promote, tailoring the promotion around them.
For example: You may find a 4-ball offer works well on certain days, or including a breakfast with the round of golf, or you just may want to offer a strong discount off the headline rate.
Elite Engage: Since launching Elite Engage last year, we are hearing some great success stories from clubs using this as part of their customer communications.
Our customers have used the booking reminders to promote special offers available ahead of the visit. Others have used this to create rebook messages with a strong bounce back option to encourage their next visit.
Interested to learn more from one of our customers who uses Elite Engage, and what he has done? click here
To find out more, contact us at or 020 8251 5100

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