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ESP Leisure Introduces Elite Engage


If so read on, if you are REALLY interested ACT NOW, as we only have limited dates now until JUNE!
ESP Leisure are delighted to announce the release of our latest Elite software module Elite Engage, this is a major step forward in how clubs can communicate with their customers and drive potential revenue streams. We believe this a real MUST HAVE for every site serious about growing the bottom line.
What is Elite Engage?
Elite Engage is the Elite module that contains our latest multi-platform functionality and works by generating automatic responses based on pre-set preferences. These responses are based around the customer journey and their activity. This will work in conjunction with our latest offering of Elite V6 and Elite Live software, both of which are a prerequisite for upgrading to the Elite Engage module.
Why have we developed Elite Engage?
The new GDPR guidelines, coming into effect in May 2018, require customers to be able to manage their own marketing preferences. This includes having the opportunity to opt in and out of communications, along with being given the right to be forgotten after a period of inactivity.
The Elite Engagemodule has been developed with GDPR in mind to provide you the ability to create a relationship and establish a method of communicating, whilst at the same time helping you to comply with the regulations.
What can Elite Engage do you for you?
Our aim is to provide you a consistent and seamless customer communication routine across your business.
The module includes a variety of core communications to deploy including:

  • Manage preferences: Ability to manage marketing preferences online via Elite Live (must have an Elite Live login and linked Elite record)
  • Right to be forgotten: Ability to set the period of inactivity since last visited, the renewal of preferences is a key requirement of GDPR (must have an Elite Live log in and linked Elite record)
  • Booking confirmations: Ability to send personalised site information as part of the booking journey
  • Booking cancellations: Ability to confirm cancellation of bookings in line with set cancellation policy
  • Booking reminders: Ability to send reminders ahead of the day, which could include on the day upsell promotions
  • Change of locations/Staff: Ability to inform a change of location to a booking or activity
  • Birthday: Ability to prior to a customer’s birthday send a greeting message or offer
  • Levy balance: Ability to send communications when the balance drops below an agreed amount
  • Online waiting lists: The functionality will enable the management of online waiting list, with the ability to automatically move them to the event if a space becomes available
  • After booking communications: Ability to target no shows
  • After booking communications: Having the ability to effectively target your customers using this approach will provide you with the potential to generate future revenue streams. An example of this would be sending an automated thank you email to all registered visitor golfers, the day after play: this message could include a preferential rate to rebook for a return visit

One of the many benefits of this module is that the Email communications templates can be designed, enhancing the visual appearance inline with your own branding. Simply create templates with images that reflect the look and feel of your business branding theme.
How does It work?
You must have a relationship in the form of an Elite customer record with the customer for communications to function, as within the customer record, all communications are managed directly and recorded showing the detail of the communication sent.
How is it Set Up?
Within the configuration options, there is a maintain communications option, it’s here where communications can be set up. The values and conditions would be set up by ESP, along with the content such as for the email or SMS being able to be created and edited by yourselves. Within the body of the email you can add images, text and links or for text only for SMS.

Sign Up

In addition to “Elite Engage” we can also provide functionality to allow your customers to sign up online. This functionality allows a customer to create an online Elite Live user account, which will also populate and create an Elite record on site, providing the ability for customers to manage their own marketing preferences and for you to include them if opted in for Communications from Elite.

Example of a record: Happy Birthday
This is set to as an example to send out 14 days prior to the birthday date, but can be amended to suit the individual requirement, such as being sent on the day.

View of HTML Email Editor
This is where you can amend the text, links and images to reflect your requirements, whilst you are creating your campaign message you can set to test, to ensure you the content is correct before making live.

Example of a record:
This is set up as an example to be sent out when you are moved from a waiting list to class when a space becomes available.

In this example it uses SMS* to send the communication, if used via SMS 3rd party charges will apply, we have a dedicated partner for SMS integration, so please contact your account manager for more information.
View of SMS Editor
This is where you can amend the text to suit the individual requirement whilst you are creating your campaign message you can set to test, to ensure the content is correct before making live.

More about GDPR

Will I be GDPR compliant if I don’t complete these upgrades?
Substantial work has been undertaken within Elite in conjunction with our latest offering V6 and Elite Live, which having both installed are a prerequisite required for upgrading to the Elite Engage module, which will help you meet GDPR guidelines.
The requirements of GDPR are very far reaching and suggests that if you were not to follow these recommendations, then you may be at risk of being non-compliant with the new regulations. Clearly, you will have your own internal process to determine whether you are or are not.
What is ESP doing to support the GDPR regulation?

  • Development work has already commenced in making amendments to the Elite and Elite Live software in preparation for the addition of the Elite Engage module
  • ESP’s development will include functionality to address your customers right to be forgotten
  • ESP will be creating the ability for registered users to manage their own communication preferences online via the Elite Live Elite Engage Module
  • ESP will provide timely updates of progress made to our customers

To reiterate, any GDPR related changes will only be made to Elite V6 & Elite Live and will require upgrading to the Elite Engage module.
What do you have to do to be GDPR compliant?
All companies should be reviewing policies and procedures in place for the use and storage of customer data. These include:

  • Consider how you store personal data both electronically & manually and what safe guards are in place
  • Consider how to provide evidence that the customer has given consent for their data to be used. The company must also be able to allow the customer to amend their preferences, which will include the customers right to be forgotten
  • Consider how passwords are used and controlled within the business

The regulation is very complex, therefore, reviewing internal policies and procedures will take time and resources. ESP would always recommend that you obtain the appropriate legal guidance from a qualified GDPR consultant.
Should you have a technical question you wish us to investigate as a scope of work, please can you document this in full to your account manager to enable us to quote for the associated costs for completing this scope of works with you.
Elite V6 & Elite Live software alone will not make your company compliant with GDPR, but will allow you to create internal procedures around the software, as the regulations cover the entire business including all the internal routines in place relating to the use and storage of personal data.
The overall responsibility for GDPR compliance will sit with you, to ensure your procedures and polices comply with the regulation.
Useful link for all Companies preparing for the New Regulation
Look out for further updates from us, but in the meantime, to find out more, please contact your account manager or email us at

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